The Clocktower

by worldoffood

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released May 8, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Welcome
(Part 1)

Wiggity Welcome
to my album

rickety tomes melt my bones
pull me to pieces if you can read this

obliterate with obscenity
black spit skin crawler
brief introduction
no instruction


I don't really wanna talk about me
how different can the worlds that we see be

If you can't believe in anything, then believe in this.
Track Name: 7 Continents
How will my art ever be as good as those that are around me
will I ever impact others on the level that they have reached me

restless sleep
fevered dreams

Am I less genuine cuz I play guitar but don't drop acid
or cuz technology influences everything that I do

7 Sorry Continents
Each one a world on it's own

I hear so much but see so little maybe I just need to breathe a riddle
I fear my life is almost done, even though it's just begun
I've been laying low for a while, trying to go the extra mile
I hope this will make you smile
1 day at a time
2 sides to everycoin
3 I wrote this song over a 1,000 days
4 Line by line let me count the ways
5 the smell of gas the taste of pepsi
6 life is a constant journey
7 if success is the best revenge
8 then you can call this progress

I won't say everything happens for a reason
Some things are so fucked that they'll never make any sense
But we must at least try to take a lesson
Otherwise all the time we've spent here is lost

One day this whole world is going to blow away

What the fuck are we doing to our whole planet
what the hell have we done to our home

7 Sorry continents
but just 5 islands
each one more responsible
than the last

Restless sleep
Fevered Dreams
Track Name: Nature ft. My Eurydice

I'm learning to live without you here
the ends are tying up themselves
It's been a tumultuous couple of years
but you could say we've found ourselves

I'm past our splitting separate ways
and you my friend I wish you well
even when you pass through heaven's gate
I'll still be praying for you from hell

Leave me be
White ghost
I don't want
You around

Smoking's good
Till we die
Give me cancer
Strange Spirit

Please don't deny your nature.
Please don't deny.

I'm learning to live without the things you told me when I hated myself
when I think of the things we did to eachother it makes me fuckin hate myself
but the wounds heal in time
I've stitched up mine
we look beautiful with scars I think
they're like reminders that we survived

Leave me be
white ghost
I don't want
you around

smokings good
till we die
give me cancer
strange spirit

Please don't deny your nature.
Please don't deny your nature.

Strange weather blowing in.
Track Name: The Wasp in the Windowsill ft. Femtastico
Invisible monsters coming
but I am invincible

I don't know how to feel tonight
The wasp in the windowsill watches me work
Why are we so afraid of the dark
all that hurts us we can see
watch me work...

The wasp in the windowsill
why are we afraid
I never wanted it to die, just to protect my hide
I never meant to do any harm to anyone
Every single living life has the same value as my own
I am a blade of grass, trapped in the windowsill

Why are we afraid

I wish I could see through dead eyes
can't break into the hive mind
what a terrible beast to witness
yet still totally innocent

the wasp in the windowsill
Track Name: Typical Monday ft. Throw'd the Unstable
I woke up this morning
stood up and opened up my blinds
took a look at the gloomy sky and understood why people die
the world is ugly, I see the horror
that you do not recognize
my slight anxiety slips me into a violent tantrum I
can't make sense of existence
my innocence is revoked and lack of atten is mentally
deadly since I'm 17 my presence makes the heavens weep
but today's just a typical monday for now I let my weapon sleep

is this really everything we have to offer
how could we ever let things get this bad
fluoride in the water
but my teeth are fine

(End of part 1)
Track Name: idontwantto
(Part 2)

I don't want to hurt your feelings
I don't want to make you cry
but I could

I just want some of your attention
but I don't mean to pry
put on your glasses and pay attention this won't be a walk in the woods

I see myself in everyone

I don't want to bother you
but my friend you're hurting me
none of those drugs will help you
can't change who you are
sir I fear the way you're living
could wreck our small bones

You are what you do to others
nothing more
nothing less
Track Name: ft. Tramton
I'm sorry

even the rocks do not recall

Thank you
Track Name: The One Who Waited
Picture all these events
actually happening at once

Pay attention to me please
wait a sec I changed my mind
go away

but how can you say that you know who you are
no one knows where they're going anymore
Track Name: The Clocktower Eye ft. Lester Witherspoon

why am I so out of breath I still have so much to complete here
where does all of the time go, Clocktower

My dreams have been taunting me
worshipping the past
the great crescent moon will come back around
the cycle starts again

what did I do to deserve such good fortune
what what what

One day this world will find it's peace
and I won't be in it

Birth, growth, age, death
Eat, sleep, wash, dry
improving and moving on
anything we've ever done wrong
losing sight of all of our goals

There has been a great shift in the timeline
the strange weather has arrive
there's an omen in the sky saying
point your eyes to the top of the tower
that's where you'll find me
Track Name: Unwelcome
Not one original thought today

(End of part 2)
Track Name: Aftermath of Ecstasy ft. My Eurydice and Jimi Mortician
(Part 3)

I'm tearing down everything I used to be
from the ground up
no I don't wanna see my hands all tied up
in hand-cuffs
but I'm sick of the rules
and of all this outside influence
so I'm gonna do what I wanna
and smoke marijuana with all my friends

Holding in whatever light we have left in this electronic world
I'm breathing in through this metallic barrel
spittin my smokestack to the lord
when I'm breathing fire like holy prayer I just want you to know
my eyes have never looked the same since these drugs
induced my soul

What if everything was just how it seemed
would it be worth it to come back to me
what if everything was exactly how it seemed
would it be worth it to trust anyone at all

hallucinations are interpretations
of reflections past life lovers
that have been built up by
epidermis legions in Benghazi, Serefli
this life your own story so in turn,
please don't try to control with me with your words
fuck websters dictionary look up rebirth
only then, only then can you try to judge me

I was born into the model of a model citizen
I was a product of this world before I ever entered in
I'm just a finger painting of 1,000 fingerprints
I'm sick of all this outside influence
I've been molded by my family
I've been molded by my friends
I've been coated up in plaster but tonight this ends
with a lighter
an Idea
and a black pen


Teach us how to live
cuz no one really knows
once I had a dream
that all I did was cry out why

Counting lots of sheep
don't forget to weep
life is ecstasy
transforming you and me
try to run away
and find yourself decay
want to go back home
but there's no place left to stay

stay away
Track Name: Short Circuit ft. Javan Sierra
It's no coincidence that we all feel anxiety
elated from they very start obsessed with notoriety

short circuit
trying to catch up
short circuit
the tv keeps me company

Waves crash
swords fall
friends pass
but don't we all

I know I've been a lying Judas to you my friend
I don't want your support or prayer
I am the ironic end
Short circuit

It's here
Track Name: Deity

Such an eerie night
like holding onto a dream
the demons are trying to get back in

Bad Blood
Evil Eye
Odd Omen
Sick Sky

You cannot be your own deity

Maybe I'm the one that poisoned the well
Oh well
Oh well

All these houses are so empty
rather lonely
all the children growing old
so old
still not knowing what to beleive
like there's some great secret

you cannot be your own deity
Track Name: Green Light
death machines driving on ice
despair tries to consume us all
Track Name: Stupid Asshole
(End of part 3)